Texas Hillel Students Inspire Middle School Students with Crazy Science Extravaganza

In collaboration with The Boys and Girls Club of the Austin Area, Texas Hillel’s Social Justice Education Initiative Committee organized Crazy Science Extravaganza, a fun-filled, hands-on afternoon of science experiments, at Burnet Middle School. With the theme of outer space and the solar system, Texas Hillel students made science fun and relevant. The middle school students enjoyed the science experiments so much that they asked the Texas Hillel students to come back the following week for more Crazy Science.

Texas Hillel’s Social Justice Education Initiative committee, under the leadership of Kori Epstein, raises awareness through volunteerism and activism on issues of injustice in education. Committee member Sara Stahl, who manages the partnership with The Boys and Girls Club of the Austin Area, organized this fall’s Crazy Science Extravaganza at Burnet Middle School. The goal of the event was to engage students in learning and exploration using science, education, and mentoring, thus advancing their education and moving them to excel in school. Ten Texas Hillel students did just that with fun, and at times edible, experiments and activities to learn about outer space and the solar system.

During Crazy Science Extravaganza, Texas Hillel students set up stations so 18 middle schools students could rotate through different experiments. The students made edible solar systems with cookies and candy, with each one representing a different planet, and their own bouncy balls to represent planets. Students had a blast creating oobleck, a malleable gooey liquid, and forming it into shapes. After completing the stations, the students came together to experiment making ice cream. Crazy Science Extravaganza was a huge hit with the students, who asked to continue working on experiments. We can wait to see what Crazy Science experiments are in store for next semester!