Student Executive Cabinet

The Texas Hillel Student Executive Cabinet is charged with keeping the “big picture” of Jewish life on campus in mind as expressed in our mission statement: “Texas Hillel creates opportunities for all Jewish students at The University of Texas at Austin to develop their own Jewish interests and to participate in a welcoming campus-based community that respects the value of pluralism and promotes ongoing involvement in Jewish life.”



The Student Executive Cabinet serve on the board for two semesters and:

  • Serves as liaison to all Texas Hillel student organizations, initiatives, and programs
  • Helps set the long term vision for Texas Hillel
  • Oversees the program application and evaluation process
  • Promotes the availability of funding for student initiatives
  • Serves as ambassadors of Texas Hillel
  • Build and strengthen relationships with UT student organizations and their leaders.
  • Serves on the Texas Hillel Board of Directors
Ayala Huber Texas Hillel Student Executive Cabinet member

Ayala Huber, Community Engagement
“My goal for next year is to create more fun events for students to enjoy and take a break from their studies at Hillel!”

Hometown: Rehovot, Israel/Houston, TX
Major: Economics
Year: Junior
Fun Fact: I became an American citizen in March 2017!
Texas Hillel Student Executive Cabinet member Jason Taper

Jason Taper, Campus Relations
“I’m excited to see all the new opportunities for Hillel in the coming year!”

Hometown: Plano, TX
Major: Plan II and Government
Year: Junior
Fun Fact: I can do the wave with my eyebrows!
Texas Hillel Student Executive Cabinet member Eileen Wolfowicz

Eileen Wolfowicz, Student Leadership
“I’m so excited to work with everyone on the executive cabinet to ensure that students at Hillel feel welcomed and inspired by all of our organizations and programs!”

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Latin American Studies
Year: Senior
Fun Fact: I’ve traveled to 25 countries!