Q & A with Graeme Campbell

TH: What is your current role at Texas Hillel?  Previous roles?

GC: Jewish Student Life Intern. I have also been a Campus Engagement Intern, Summer Operations Intern, Leadership Chair on the Student Executive Cabinet, Head Baker-Challah for Hunger and Tent Manager-Israel Block Party.


TH: How did you initially get involved at Texas Hillel?

GC: I was engaged by Moriah Sonsino, who was a CEI, at the Freshman Chill on my first week at UT. We became fast friends, and I became quickly involved in many aspects of Hillel, eventually being chosen for the Student Executive Cabinet as a sophomore.


TH: What are some of your favorite activities or programs at Texas Hillel?

GC: I think Israel Block Party and Hanukkah-Diwali Dinner are my favorite events. IBP is the culmination of so much hard work each year and is a student-driven program. IBP gives Jewish students a chance to celebrate our culture and the Jewish State and share our love for Israel with the rest of the campus.

Hanukkah-Diwali Dinner is the result of a genuine partnership between the Jewish and Hindu communities as two ethnic/religious minorities on campus. Again, it is a totally student-run event, with Jewish and Indian students coming together to prepare food, decorate, and break bread together to celebrate our differences and commonalities.


TH: Do you think Texas Hillel is meeting students’ needs and interests?

GC: Yes. There is always room for improvement and evolution, but Hillel has more programs than ever before, and I am sure there is something for everyone!


TH: From the perspective of a graduating senior, what would you say or what advice would you give to incoming freshmen or new students about Texas Hillel?

GC: Try everything. Go to lots of programs and discover what you are passionate about. Wander around on Friday night to Orthodox, Reform, Conservative services, or the discussion group and have a taste of each. Part of what makes Hillel so great is the diversity of ways to get involved in Jewish life.


TH: Can you tell me a little about yourself? Where are you from? What are you studying?  What are your plans after graduation?

GC: I am originally from Houston. I double-majored in Jewish studies and History with a minor in Modern Hebrew. After graduation, I will be working another summer as office manager of Camp Young Judaea-Texas in Wimberley. Then, I will move to Israel to work with Israel Government Fellows in Jerusalem for a year.