Q & A with Ayala Huber

TH: What is your current role at Texas Hillel?  Previous roles?

AH: Currently I serve as the Jewish Life Chair on the Student Executive Cabinet and also the current President of the White Rose Society. These two tasks require me to help plan and organize our weekly Shabbats, and the annual Holocaust remembrance event, 10,000 Roses. Previously I was involved in the Bella Abzug Fellowship.


TH: How did you initially get involved at Texas Hillel?

AH: I started going to Hillel when I was a student at University of Houston. I got extremely involved, and I was even elected onto their board. I knew to turn to Hillel because my sister was very involved at her Hillel when she was in college. When I transferred to UT, I knew no one in the Jewish community, but I showed up to weekly Shabbats. After the week of welcome activities, I was plugged into some amazing opportunities in social justice and Israel on campus.


TH: What are some of your favorite activities or programs you have attended at Texas Hillel?

AH: The sheer amount of events I attend at Hillel makes this question difficult to answer. Honestly, the best activities for me are spending my time studying in the lounge with some snacks and the amazing people that join me in that space daily. As far as programs go it may have to be Israel Block Party and 10,000 Roses. These two events are near and dear to my heart for many reasons, and Hillel has made these causes flourish amazingly.


TH: Do you think Texas Hillel is meeting the students’ needs and interests?

AH: I believe an organization can never be 100%. However, I see that everyday Hillel changes to meet students’ needs. When a student asks for small things like study snacks or help with making a program happen, students are encouraged to take a leadership role and it feels as if everyone is putting in their full efforts to assist those students. Hillel makes sure programs are student-led so that students are heard and their needs are being met.


TH: Can you tell me a little about yourself? Where are you from? What are you studying?

AH: I was born in Israel to an Israeli family, and I moved to Houston when I was 3. I love politics and debates, especially after being on the debate team for 5 years. I am studying Middle Eastern Studies, and Government. I hope to later go work in a field that helps the Jewish community or is closely affiliated with the Jewish community in relation to human rights and conflict resolution.