Margo Sack Retires After 24 Years at Texas Hillel

Margo Sack, Director of Jewish Student Life, has spent 26 years enriching and informing students within the Hillel Jewish campus community.  Margo started her career right out of college with Hillel at Case Western Reserve University.  For two years, she worked in student engagement and programming, including overseeing the Rap Cellar, a café which was run by volunteers.  While Margo enjoyed her time at Case Western Reserve, bigger things were to come a few years later at the University of Texas at Austin.

Following time with the Jewish Community Center as the Early Childhood Preschool Director, Margo again found her place and calling working with collegestudents at Texas Hillel in 1993.  While her titles have changed over the years, Margo maintains she has always had the same job, overseeing programming and student life.  Margo spent her first couple of years at Texas Hillel working with students who sought out Hillel.  But under Margo’s stewardship and engagement outreach, Texas Hillel began to focus on building relationships and offering more opportunities to students, which has led to increased student participation and more meaningful interactions over the years.  In her work, Margo mentored, guided, “mothered,” motivated and nurtured literally thousands of University Texas students at pivotal times in their lives.  With her warmth, sincerity, humor, and ability to connect with students, Margo engaged and created meaningful experiences that last a lifetime and helped build the vibrant Jewish community that we have on campus today.  It is no exaggeration to say that over her 24 years at Texas Hillel, Margo enriched the lives of thousands of students, Hillel staff and community members and helped make Texas Hillel the engaging, welcoming Jewish space it is today.  Her legacy will forever inspire the next generation.

While Texas Hillel has been lucky to have Margo, she also has cherished her time and continues to be amazed by the students, frequently saying “our students are exceptional.”  Margo is sad to say goodbye but she’s looking forward to her next chapter.  In her retirement, she plans to spend more time with her one-year old grandson and his family in Tel Aviv and to continue contributing to the community in other capacities.  We will greatly miss her and wish her all the best in her new adventures!

Despite Margo's protests, we are organizing a casual farewell event for her on June 25 at 10 am for those who would like to say goodbye and wish her well.  The Texas Hillel Foundation also has established the "Margo Sack Student Engagement Tribute Fund" to recognize Margo and her work to connect with all Jewish students on campus.  This fund will be used by the Texas Hillel program staff to continue to enhance engagement work across campus, among diverse student groups.  To honor Margo’s legacy, go to