As the center for Jewish student life at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas Hillel is more than just student organization. We are parents, we are children, we are students, we are teachers, we are Jewish leaders, we are a coalition fighting for social justice, but more than all of that—we are family. Can you build a portfolio as a leader at Hillel? Of course. Can you get a free Shabbat meal on a Friday evening? Wouldn’t have it any other way. But all of this pales in comparison to the bonds of friendship and family that are built within these walls. We are Texas Hillel, and yes, we help create the future Jewish leaders of tomorrow—but we also build and nurture a grand Jewish family within the university and around Austin. Welcome to Texas Hillel. Welcome to our mishpacha.

Mishpacha. We are family.

Engagement and relationship building is the backbone of everything we do at Texas Hillel. We accomplish our mission by reaching students one at a time. Our events are a means to meet people, learn about them, and help enrich their college experience. We achieve greatest success by inspiring students to engage their peers, thus expanding our reach. Whether it is someone on the periphery of Jewish life or those who are already immersed, engagement of every Jewish student on campus is our goal. All of our students are great stewards of the Hillel community – the leaders or those who are involved with several areas of programming or those who might be different from the crowd, they may not be at Hillel every day and Hillel may not be their entire life. This community is important to them, and it is an important facet of THEIR college experience. Students don’t need to be in a leadership position to feel like they have a place at Hillel.