Join the Texas Hillel Campus Engagement Intern Program

The Campus Engagement Internship program is an incredible opportunity to network with other Jewish students at UT, grow professionally while developing your leadership skills, work with an outstanding team and have a great social experience as a student. To thank you for your time and effort you will receive a stipend at the end of each semester. Texas Hillel offers a number of internship opportunities through which students can make a unique impact on Jewish campus life while receiving an excellent professional learning experience. Campus Engagement Interns are responsible for building relationships with uninvolved Jewish students, plus coordinating and executing initiatives tailored to your individual strengths. In doing so, CEIs learn how to effectively communicate with professionals and their peers while developing their own Jewish identities.

You will learn to build authentic relationships, create and implement new Jewish experiences, expand communities, develop networking skills, push the limits of your comfort zone, and learn sophisticated and relevant Jewish content over the course of the year.

You will need to get to know other students personally and begin to understand their impressions regarding Jewish life on campus. Throughout the year you will identify what works and what does not work for Jewish engagement, and will create and provide opportunities for the unengaged, with the unengaged, through your understanding of what is appealing and of interest to them.
The ideal candidate will be a student active in campus life with strong interpersonal skills, a commitment to Jewish life on campus and a strong desire to connect others to Jewish life while creating meaningful Jewish opportunities.
Specific expectations of the internship include:

  • Attendance at the Engagement Institute Tuesday, August 7 – Thursday, August 9
  • Creation of a year-long outreach and engagement strategy, including ongoing and independent educational, meaningful, and personalized programming (i.e., speakers, discussions, coffee dates, Jewish reflection and learning sessions, etc.)
  • Coordination, recruitment, marketing, and facilitation of at least one outreach initiative targeted at the interest of the peers who you are engaging throughout the semester
  • Encouraged participation in or attendance to various communal events on campus to engage with and meet students outside of Hillel
  • Have 5 or more meaningful interactions every three weeks with fellow students and record these connections on a weekly basis using a community organizing framework provided by Texas Hillel
  • Compliance with qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluation and feedback using Texas Hillel’s designated database
  • Attend all scheduled weekly meetings at Texas Hillel
  • Expected to attend summer Hillel BBQs, organize annual Freshman Chill and contact provided list of incoming freshman, especially first semester
  • Engage in regular small group check in meetings with your supervisor
  • Understand that there may be additional tasks, attendance at additional meetings, supervision, and other events that are assigned as a part of your role as a CEI
  • If eligible, you are encouraged to participate on Birthright trip during winter break

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