AIPAC President Lillian Pinkus Visits Texas Hillel

Student leaders from the University of Texas at Austin hosted Lillian Pinkus, the President of AIPAC, for dinner at Texas Hillel this April. During the event, a 3-student panel featuring non-Jewish leaders from across campus, representing various backgrounds and communities that have come together in support of a strong U.S.-Israel Relationship.  The student leaders featured on the panel included Isaiah Carter, the former Chief of Staff for the Student Body President at UT, John Falke, a former member of the Student Government Assembly and Katie Keenan, the President of Christians United for Israel. Each of these students addressed their work as Pro-Israel leaders on campus and why they are motivated to engage in such import work protecting the democratic state.

Following dinner, Ms. Pinkus addressed the students and community leaders in attendance, speaking to the importance of student activism and how proud she was of all of the hard work and time students around our campus have placed on protecting the U.S.-Israel relationship. Community leaders left with a strong message of support for Israel, as the video created by graduating Senior Moriah Sonsino, highlighted the broad range of support from student leaders all across campus. This special evening illustrated that student leaders at the University of Texas not only stand for Israel, but strive every day to ensure that the 40 Acres shines as a beacon of Pro-Israel activism and remains an example for campuses nationwide.

UT Pro-Israel Community 4.18.17 from Moriah Regine on Vimeo.