A Week of Celebrating in the Sukkah

The short respite between the end of the High Holidays and Sukkot did not dampen students’ enthusiasm for building a festive sukkah nor celebrating the harvest holiday. On a warm fall Sunday in the beginning of October, a group of students excitedly built an expansive sukkah on Hillel’s large patio. Students later had fun adding festive decorations and dangling fruits and arranging ample seating, setting up the sukkah for the upcoming week.

For the first event in the sukkah, more than 100 students joined together for a pluralistic Shabbat, including Reform and Conservative Services, our award-winning Vintage Minyan and an Alternative Social Justice Discussion. After services, the community gathered for a delicious (free) meal by in-house kosher caterer, Gail’s Catering. Other celebrations in the sukkot included the student-favorite s’mores in the sukkah and a graduate student wine and cheese in the sukkah.  Many students also gathered in the sukkah for lunch and dinner throughout the week. While sukkahs symbolically represent the protection and home G-d provided for the children of Israel when they left Egypt, Texas Hillel’s sukkah also represented our Jewish community building together a Jewish home away from home and a welcoming place to gather as a community.