Q & A with Arielle Levy 

TH: Welcome to Texas Hillel.  You recently joined the team as the new Operations Manager.  What do you do in your role as Operations Manager?

AL: Beyond the daily requirements of running a beautiful facility (that I invite all of you to come visit!) my goal is to continue making Texas Hillel THE place for Jewish students on campus from the inside out. Everything we do is for the students and even in my first month, nothing has made me happier than seeing students lounging, studying, working, playing, eating, and so much more around the building. It is my job to help make sure everything is running smoothly at 2105 San Antonio so the students can continue doing what they do and make the most of their time at UT and Texas Hillel. 


TH: You are active in Austin’s Jewish community.  Why did you want to work at Texas Hillel?

AL: As a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and an active participant at Texas Hillel during my time here, I’ve always been very fond of Hillel. The opportunity to work with students, even from managing the facility, is exciting as I get to engage with a younger generation sooner. UT says What starts here changes the world, and at Hillel while we have a focus on Judaism and Israel, we are an exceptional outlet for leadership development and community involvement. Opportunity thrives here.  


TH: As a former University of Texas student, how were you involved with Texas Hillel as a student?

AL: Fun fact – I was in the first cohort of Campus Entrepreneur Interns (CEI) at Texas Hillel almost 10 years ago. My freshman year I went on an alternative spring break trip to volunteer in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, my sophomore year I traveled with Hillel and the JDC to Argentina for a week of volunteering and Jewish discovery, and I went to Israel with Rabbi Trepp in 2010. I was also a tent chair for Israel Block Party every year and I attended many Shabbat dinners and holiday celebrations.


TH: What did you do professionally before joining Texas Hillel?

AL: Prior to Texas Hillel I was working with Jewish National Fund, truly making the desert bloom throughout Israel by growing our fundraising efforts throughout the Southwest. While I worked with the general community in Austin, I had a focus on developing young adult engagement and giving in Austin, TX and Atlanta, GA.


TH: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

AL: I grew up in Waco, TX and nothing makes me happier than being involved in the Jewish community in Austin and giving back. Philanthropy inspires me. Being from a small Jewish community, it is an exciting time to live in Austin and be a part of our growing Jewish opportunity and knowing that even when it seems like there is a lot going on and that I am one of many, that you, and I, are still always needed, and count.