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Join the White Rose Society for our 14th annual 10,000 Roses. Each year, we commemorate the 10,000 people who perished each day in Auschwitz by distributing enough roses to honor each of their memories. We seek to remember the atrocities of the past, and prevent future injustices. 

On April 10, we will cut and de-thorn roses at the University Catholic Center. On April 11, we will hand out 10,000 white roses in memorial of the 10,000 people who died every day in Auschwitz. This year, we plan to draw attention to the parallels between the treatment of European Jewish refugees before and during the Holocaust and immigrant and refugees today. 

Schedule of Events: 
April 10th:
12pm-8pm: De-thorning roses at the University Catholic Center
April 11th:
9am-5pm: Distributing roses around campus