10,000 Roses

Every spring semester, students look forward to the 10,000 Roses event, hosted by The White Rose Society, a genocide prevention and Holocaust remembrance organization.  During this one-day event, hundreds of volunteers de-thorned and distributed 10,000 roses across campus to represent the number of Jews murdered in one day at Auschwitz.  The White Rose Society seeks to remember injustices of the past and works to address current injustices.   The organization believes that taking action against global injustice begins with education and initiative on a local level, and that by learning about past human rights violations, people are better equipped to understand human rights violations today. 

The 10,000 Roses event began Tuesday, April 4 when volunteers gathered at the University Catholic Center to de-thorn and attach notes to 10,000 white roses.  The notes detailed the significance of the day and highlighted the current Syrian refugee crisis.  Action items were also listed on the notes, encouraging people to go to tables set up on campus to write their Senators and to attend the Wednesday evening event at Texas Hillel.  On Wednesday, hundreds of volunteers distributed the white roses throughout campus.  The day concluded at Texas Hillel with a screening and discussion of Peter Logue's, The Search for the White Rose, a short documentary film that retells the story of the original White Rose society, a small group of German students who formed a clandestine resistance against the Nazis in 1930's Munich.  

To read more about Texas Hillel's White Rose Society, go to https://texashillel.org.