Student Executive Cabinet


The Texas Hillel Student Executive Cabinet is charged with keeping the “big picture” of Jewish life on campus in mind as expressed in our mission statement:

“Texas Hillel creates opportunities for all Jewish students at The University of Texas at Austin to develop their own Jewish interests and
to participate in a welcoming campus-based community that respects the value of pluralism and promotes ongoing involvement in Jewish life.”

The five-member Student Executive Cabinet:

  • Serves as liaison to all Texas Hillel student organizations, initiatives, and programs
  • Helps set the long term vision for Texas Hillel
  • Oversees the program application and evaluation process
  • Promotes the availability of funding for student initiatives
  • Serves as ambassadors of Texas Hillel
  • Build and strengthen relationships with UT student organizations and their leaders.
  • Serves on the Texas Hillel Board of Directors

In addition, each member will focus on one of the following areas:

Community engagement (Currently held by Rachel Sasiene)
Responsible for building a community through social events, activities inside and outside of the building, and other creative methods.

Development (Currently held by Moriah Sonsino)
Responsible for engaging present and potential donors to Texas Hillel, curating new programing to entice current and past students into donating to Hillel, as well as overseeing the executive cabinet budget.

Leadership (Currently held by Brian Brochstein)
Responsible for Jewish student leadership development and recognition.

Marketing (Currently held by Grace Enda)
Responsible for advertising Texas Hillel events and creating a positive image of Texas Hillel through social media and other means.

Jewish Life (Currently held by Emily Gitten)
Responsible for creating a warm and welcoming Friday night atmosphere through themed dinners, co-sponsorships, and other creative methods.

Members of the Student Executive Cabinet serve on the board for two semesters. Applications accepted will serve Fall 2017 through Spring 2018.

Application deadline: May 1, 2017.  Complete application and email to


Brian Brochstein Texas Hillel Student Executive Cabinet member
Brian Brochstein, Student Leadership Chair
Hometown: Houston

Major: Geology

Year: Senior 

Fun fact: Taught archery at summer camp


Texas Hillel Student Executive Cabinet member Rachel Sasiene
 Rachel Sasiene, Engagement Chair
Hometown: League City

Major: History

Year: Junior

Fun fact: I know all of the presidents in order


Texas Hillel Student Executive Cabinet member Mariah Sonsino
Moriah Sonsino, Development Chair
Hometown: San Antonio

Major: International Relations and Global Studies

Year: Senior

Fun Fact: Favorite taco place in Austin is TacoDeli


Texas Hillel Student Executive Cabinet member Iris Toth
 Grace Enda, Marketing Chair
Hometown: Dallas

Major: Government & Economics 

Year: Sophmore

Fun fact: I've been a vegetarian for almost 10 years


Emily Gitten Texas Hillel Student Executive Cabinet member
Emily Gitten, Jewish Life Chair 
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Major: Public Relations 

Year: Sophomore

Fun Fact: I'm biking from Austin to Alaska for cancer research with Texas 4000