Shabbat and Holidays

Shabbat preparation at Texas Hillel


Texas Hillel offers free Shabbat dinner every week, preceded by Conservative, Orthodox and Reform services. With an eye towards helping students navigate their Jewish identities on their own terms, Hillel’s pluralistic approach to the student population has long focused on the Shabbat experience. Services are led by students for students, the dining room is set up by students, the theme and decorations are planned and put up by students, and students often help with cooking and serving the meal.

Any student or community member is welcome to join us for Shabbat services and/or meal any week of the year. If you wish to help set up for Shabbat, have a great idea for a themed Shabbat or just want more information, please contact Margo.

High Holy Days

Who comes to High Holy Days at Texas Hillel? Lots of people! We are a pluralistic and welcoming community. Primarily we engage undergraduate and graduate students, but we also have friends and neighbors from off campus who join us for services and meals. We aim to be inclusive and open, celebrating the diversity of expressions of Jewish identity and the countless ways in which people connect to the richness of Jewish tradition.

Young, old, gay, straight, observant, rebellious, curious or learned – you are welcome to join us. We’ll make sure that you are not alone in your seeking. As with shabbat, we offer Conservative, Orthodox and Reform services at the High Holy Days.


Passover at Texas Hillel

First Night Seder – Monday, April 10, 7 pm

A fun and interactive Seder led by Margo Sack, staff and student leaders.  Most traditional Passover rituals will be included, but may be observed differently from the Seder you might be accustomed to!  If you would like to be a Student Seder Captain and bring your passions to our Seder, please contact Margo Sack  All are welcome!

Cost for students: $20

Cost for non-students: $45

Second Night Seder – Tuesday, April 11

While we will not be hosting second night Seder at Texas Hillel, Rabbi Trepp and Rabbi Kirschbaum will be hosting second night Seders at their homes.  Please contact Rabbi Kirschbaum or Rabbi Trepp to sign up!  They will also be providing meals on Saturday, April 15, and Tuesday, April 18 for lunch. 

Daily Passover Meals

 Lunches (11:30 am – 1:30 pm): April 11, 12,13, 14, 16, 17

Cost: $12 per meal per student  ($25 non-student)

Dinners (5:30 pm- 7:30 pm): April 12, 13, 14, 16, 17

Cost: $15 per meal per student  ($30 non-student)

Shabbat Passover – Friday, April 14, 7:00 pm

Join us for a fun and meaningful Friday Night Shabbat Passover experience.  A delicious dinner prepared by Chef Galit will follow services at approximately 8:30 pm.  Shabbat Passover is for students only.